Sunday, March 24, 2013

FSO - Spotlights for Childhood pleasures

Did everyone enjoy that topic as much as I did?  Hope so. 

And now for what captured my imagination this week.   I never performed in costume as a child but I can imagine Ruth's delight in this, her childhood pleasure memory, captured on film and now shared with us.

I can remember sharing secrets with my grandmother as a child.   I would have been just like this dear child if I'd nearly told someone one of those treasured secrets.  Thanks, Kerry, that's a lovely image.

I've always been a water babe, so Jama's little boy frolicking fully clothed speaks volumes to me.  Love it!

In making my choices for the Spotlight Photos this week, I've been reminded that the choices each week are personal.  Each of us on the Spotlight team makes our choices from our own perspective.  We have different backgrounds so our choices are naturally different.  I hope you like my choices this week.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I remember when spot light shots.

Spotlight shots for FSO
Remember when.

Marly's Folly 
Outdoor sauna.
Memory, visiting the sauna at her grandad's farm every Saturday.
Now that is the place for winter.

  Gracie's lizard on the antlers reminds her of a Christmas past.

Glad to welcome Chef E back.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

FMTSO Spotlight: White on White

My Spotlight choices this week are these gorgeous captures by Monica from Dawn Treader's Picture Book.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week. You all did a wonderful job with this tough prompt.

Hope to see you all back next week for "I Remember When . . ." Some of my recent projects have had me scouring through and scanning some of my old print photos. What do you have hiding in your old photo albums? What things do you see around your town that remind you of times past?

Have fun!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

White on White

I thought about just leaving this space...well, white. 
But instead, here is ice formed next to a waterfall. 

Great Falls of Paterson, NJ

Please be sure to read Pauline's post this week.

FSO-Spotlight switch found - Anniversary

Sorry, folks, I lost the Spotlight on/off switch.  Found it again this morning.

I really do apologise because of all the weeks to not post the Spotlight photos, our Anniversary week was not the best week to do that.  

And even now, a week later, I am struggling with it.  To be honest, I'm struggling with blogging generally and may restrict my FMTSO activities to visiting and taking my turn on the Spotlight roster.  

Speaking of the roster, would anyone else like to volunteer to be on it?  With four people we just need to take a turn once a month.  And don't worry if you aren't knowledgeable about photography; you just need to choose your shots of the week, the ones that you like, that speak to you. I think it's good that Peggy, Cheryl, Danielle (who is on a break) and I all see things differently and choose different sorts of shots each week. 

This week I've chosen the two shots that evoked an emotional response in me.  JarieLyn, you captured what so many of us felt about Barry and his passing, when you published your tribute to him.  I was relatively new to blogging and was stunned by the impact this man made on me.  I admired his photography but I was absolutely in awe of his writing.  I remember so clearly the first time he left a comment on my blog - I was over the moon with delight. Thanks for this beautiful reminder of a lovely fellow blogger:

And Jama, I was touched by your thoughtfulness in posting this as a gift to all of us on our anniversary!

It's been lovely reading through everyone's posts this week.  As well as my two Spotlight photos of the week, I'd like to add a Post of the Week to Rebecca who reminded me that really this linky is about the people.  We gather with photography in common, we learn more about each other and the towns in which we live, and along the way we form relationships and sometimes, special friendships.  I thank you all for touching my life each week