Monday, July 30, 2012

The Color Wheel - Spotlight Photos
I had forgotten how difficult it is to choose a few photos from so many really nice posts. 

To Me this was a difficult challenge - I guess it has to be a little difficult in order to be classified as a challenge.  But to set out to find certain color combination out on the streets of our towns or to even search through our archives - archives that haven't been tagged in a certain way - is very difficult. 

A few of you made it easy for me to make choices by posting only one special photo (Thanks Marina) and a few of you made it harder by posting a series of great photos (example: Pauline and DawnTreader and as always Jama)
Here are a few of my favorites from this weeks challenge -
The Tulip by Marina

Yellow and Purple by Jama

Barbar's Train

and last but not least
the softness of colors in the OutDoor Museum by DawnTreader

And Next Friday : Bridges of ________.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 7/27: Complementary Colors

Did you see our tutorial a couple weeks ago on Complementary Colors
Let's see how you made your colors pop using this technique. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spotlight photos - Public Art

No one said this was going to be easy!  Which is just as well or I would be crying foul. 

I thought that absolutely everyone that participated last Friday had at least one winning shot. 

Kim was the first to put up her link and I knew as soon as I saw her offerings that I was going to have a hard time choosing the Spotlight photos for this week. I simply couldn't decide which of hers I liked best and resorted to "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe"  (I don't know if that childrens' game is played in all the countries of our team members so have included a link to explain it.)  And The Kiss won the game!

It was the same with Mark's Boston statues.  This one? that one? or the other one?  In the end the perspective of this one won out.  Look how that guy soars with the skyscrapers!

I don't know who that chap is but no doubt there is a story behind his statue.  I like statues as commerative statements and I like it when there is a deeper meaning to art (when I can work out the meaning, that is).   When that meaning can evoke an emotional response I think we have a quite remarkable work of art.  I thought the flip side of this work of art in Ginger's home town was threatening and ugly (depicting as it does the disasterous mudslides of January this year) and didn't want to look at it again.  But I like the thought that I can put that behind me and look to the future on this side.  There is something very uplifting about this aspect, don't you think?


Thank you, Lisa, for pausing in your travels to join us again. I don't know the history of  Crazy Horse but I do love the monumental images you showed us, especially this one.  So huge, yet so life like.

And we know Singapore would have some fabulous examples of public art, didn't we?  This is my favourite of Jama's shots this week.  She gave this golden beauty his wings!

Good luck, everyone, with Complementary Colours.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 7/20: Public Art

Fountain at Logan Circle in Philadelphia 

Please make sure your post relates to our weekly theme. 
Unrelated posts will be removed.

Thanks to Peggy, Ginger and Pauline who have volunteered to helped fill in for Mark
while he is tackling his move.  We are all volunteers at FMTSO and will approach
each task differently.  Please be open to each person's style.
I am so thankful Peggy jumped in at the last minute to do spotlights last week.
That's what makes this group so nice - we all pitch in a little.

Spotlight photos for bright color

Just a little miscommunication on the spotlight post.

There are indeed some great shots again this week.
I have learned how to select them.
What hits me with a certain feeling.

 Suzi's saris remind me of India which I am in love with.

Dawn Trader's reflection has more sky and clouds than the real thing.
A great shot.

Jama's bright building I would love to see inside.

Pauline's Children's Library. I bet the children love that place.

Leovi's The abstract street of dreams endless.

Absolutely beautiful Barbara's colored rocks.

Join us again next week for 
Sculpture, statues, mural.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 7/12/2012

This week's prompt is Bright and Colorful

I am off in a rush today!
Looking forward to seeing lots of color this week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tutorial: Photographing Children

In August we have an upcoming theme of Children, 
so here are some general tips for photographing kiddos.

Get on their level!
Your photos will improve dramatically if you photograph 
children at their level 
rather than the standard adult looking down on the child. 

No Posing. 
Rather than trying to get posed shots,
let the kids play
and capture WHO they are
not just what they look like.

Continuous Shooting.
Children are active. 
Set you camera to the Continuous shoot option and 
capture a series of shots of them at play.  

Play Simon Says.
Simon can suggest actions 
or facial expressions that are fun. 
And when someone goofs, 
the reactions are fun too. 

Give them Something to Do...then SHOOT!
Blow bubbles
Coloring in books 
Eating an ice cream cone 
Playing ball
With a Pet
On a swing 
Giving hugs.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spotlight Photos: Patriotic

On July 1 Canadians celebrate Canada Day
EG Camera Girl visited celebrations at a historic village.

Jama did a nice job capturing these fireworks. 
She celebrates National Day on August 8.

Loredana shows the Empire State Building in New York City
 lit up for Independence Day in the USA.

 Pauline celebrates Waitangi Day in New Zealand 
with cultural performances. 

Thanks all for participating. 
This Friday's theme is Bright and Colorful

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Friday My Town Shoot Out for 7/6: Patriotic

A little Irish-American 
at Fell's Point, Maryland, USA

Please link with the theme.  
Unrelate links will be removed.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Spotlight Photos for 6/29.FSMT

Well for a few days there I thought there was only going to be six entries and that would make it easier for me to choose the spotlight photos.
But I had to be gone from early morning and just now seeing a couple for the first time.

There are a lot of good shooters in this group.

Not as easy as I thought it would be.
You will recognize a motherly instinct in my selections.

Could not resist this shot by Pauline.
Have seen my little boys and girls in this situation many time.
The fish are so clear.
And you can definitely see the wonderment in their faces.

 Could not resist the colors in Rebecca's shot.
This is my favorite color and fences are one of my favorite things to paint.

I am assuming this is a salesclerk in a men's store shot by JAMA and wondering how he has kept his job.

 Again my motherly instinct was tugged here by Shiju's photo.
Not only is she trying to protect him with the umbrella but with her skirt as well.

There were two shots of this by Kim. One with the couple facing the falls and this one.
In the first one I could not tell if they were happy or not but this view shows friendly faces and smiles and great scenery.

A momma duck and her little ones and the colors of the momma are beautiful.
Concern written all over her face.
Nice shot by GingerV

 Always room for one more.
I could not tell for sure what story was intended here but I saw fun, fun, fun as shot by Ann.

Yes I know there are 7 but Rebecca does not really count since her's is professional.

Enjoy preparing for next week's patriotic theme.