Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look Up / Look Down Spotlighted Photos

The last couple of months I have found myself in awe of how this group’s photos have changed. Even if coming from the archives, the photos show a real effort on all our parts to show the details of our towns and in an interesting, even artistic way.

This week was no exception. On first run through all the posts, I pulled 20 photos and often had to chose one from several within the post that really (REALLY) showed the perspectives gained looking up or down in our towns and their surrounding area. From that 20, I chose only 6 to Spotlight and it was HARD. Those chosen for this week’s spotlight are the photos I felt best highlighted what you see when you look up or look down, to look beyond what is just in front of our faces to find an interesting photo. GingerV

Look Down by Jama
Look Down – by Jama
looking up by Harold

Look Up –
by Harold
the visitor up above by rebecca
A visitor above – by Rebecca
vertigo by Mark
Look Down –
by Mark (B&B)
up to see and eagles nest by Ed & Reub
Up to see and eagles nest
by Ed & Reub
Scriptor Senex
Down, a life from a life by Scriptor Senex

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Banners & Thank Yous

Hello Everyone!

I hope the new banner for February is appealing to all. I took what was sent to me and feel that less is more, but hope I get more response for future banners.

Being busy myself I understand we forget, and have so much other things going on during the week!

I do however have another idea for the next banner, thanks to Scriptor Senex- UK posting photos of his Uncle Eric's black and whites, I was inspired with a new banner idea. Possibly an idea for a whole months themes.

Please, if anyone has old black and white photographs (I can always make old photos black and white in my Adobe Photoshop program) the feel would be fitting for a banner. Black and whites that represent their town, or lives in the past- send them on!

I think many would agree that 'Black & White' photos may be lacking color, but they show us a perspective of things we might not otherwise notice if distracted by color.

Thank you for all your support and help!

Chef E

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 29 topic - Look up, Look down

Jan 29 - look up / look down
Everyone is so good, so creative in their interpretations of our weekly topics that I almost was lazy and didn't write anything about it. This topic was originally suggested by Sara Lulu but because she no longer participates, I couldn't ask her to write something for us and I liked the suggestion so much I just took it as ours.
So here goes my ideas on this topic for our towns ....
Look down at your feet, at the surface where they walk. Look back, back the way they came and where they go.
Look up, above your head. What can you see? How is it protected? What lights your days and your nights, on the path that you walk?
This topic brings so much to mind I will probably have trouble settling on one thing - just this week I have noticed designs in the tiles in the front of stores, floors that are wood and some that are bare concrete - designs are so distinctively Brasil - we'll see you on Friday.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Topics list - renewed

Back in August I did a post about the start-up, the beginning history of the Friday Shoot-out and now we are anticpating our one year aniversary. I had gotten behind in maintaining the ''future topics", the "suggestions list" and the "topics history" on the left hand side-panel, today I tried to catch them up so you can review our year with ease. The 'History' list is in date order, dated and gives credit for suggestions to our members both past and present. I am sorry I didn't start this as a hyper link - but it would have been nice to look back through the history also. The photo I included here was one of my 'people' photos when I first participated on March 13, 2009. 46 Friday Shoot-out post ago. I have two reasons for this post,
1) to ask everyone to look at the future topics, and to start thinking what you would like to do on February 26, our Celebrate One Year - shootout. I thought that it would be interesting to see all our favorites, reusing the photos of that topic or using new ones.
and 2) call to your attention that the suggestions list is getting pretty short and you'all need to start submitting new suggestions for us in the comming year. Please review the 'history' before making your suggestions so that we don't repeat topics we've done (or already suggested) lets say in the past 6 months.
I look forward to hearing from all of you with new or refreshed topics.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spotlight Shots - SOUNDS

A big Thank you to NanU for the challenging theme of sounds...which I honestly think brought out some of the best shots ever. This is a clever, talented, and all around amazing group of bloggers who never fail to impress me with their stunning images.

Choosing the spotlight shots was tough...and here they are, in no particular order:

Jarielyn with her blender of ingredients that made the most delicious looking smoothies:

Jessica's bowling alley:

Pauline's horse photo:

Barry and Linda's silent ice pond, which serves as a hockey pond too.

Doreen's "sound of silence" for our mighty warriors:

And, Jama's beach scene...with the soothing ocean waves:

Great shoot out all! :) Have a wonderful week!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A New Banner Is In Order

Well, really on order!

Send me LOVE PHOTOS, things that make you feel all giddy inside, things that you love more than love itself!

A kiss you captured
Artwork in murals
Anything that dipicts 'Love' around your town!

I LOVE making these banners...

Chef E

Monday, January 18, 2010

Member Voice - About Sound by NanU

Jan. 22 - "Sounds in your town" by NanU
"There are two versions of this theme. First, the simple one. We’ve been treated many different aspects of what your town looks like. Treat another sense: what makes your town sound like your town? Traffic? Kids playing? Birds? That annoying dog next door? Fill our senses with a differentperspective.

The complicated version (and I apologise for not giving you more lead-timeon this) I have heard called a ‘blind hike’. Find a trusty partner. Wear a blindfold (no peeking!). Get your camera, and with the help of your partner, wander around noticing what you hear. Take pictures (no peeking!) while you’re at it. It’s quite fun to do, and the photos will surprise you. Enjoy!" NanU

video Hearing the Falls of Iguacu, Brasil - By GingerV

FSO - Spotlight Shots: Birds

Hello all! Happy Monday to you! Here are my picks for this week's spotlight shots. Everyone did a spectacular job - and on an elusive, fast moving subject too!
Thank you Scriptor Senex - this was a fabulous theme!

In no particular order - here are the spotlight shots:

Rebecca's little "Sean" - if you haven't visited her post, you should - she has the most heartwarming story!

Harold, with "What's good here?"

Robyn's turkey cookies - which look delicious!

Ann's bird photo - I love how she caught his profile.

Heather's bird on the fence...the black and white really makes this shot stand out.

Is that Big Bird? No, it's Butler, no it's Bagman - wait that's Mark!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Member Voice - Birds

Jan. 15 - "Birds (Real & Otherwise)"
by Scritor Senex

Whilst visiting some of the town bloggers, I had noticed that photographing birds in the garden was a popular pastime so my first thought was to suggest a subject of garden birds. But then I realised that not everyone has the equipment to photograph the real things.
That made me look out for alternatives and I noticed sculptures, posters, little models and various other things with birds on them so I hope that your town will prove equally
productive and am really looking forward to seeing your birds (real or otherwise).
All the best,
Scriptor Senex
[Photo by GingerV - Bruges, Belgium]

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fences Spotlight Photos - and a request from me :)

Hey y'all! It's good to be back - and the Mr. Linky makes this job MUCH easier. One request, when submitting your link to Mr. Linky, please submit the permalink, not just your blog address. I made sure to find everyone's fence post if you posted just your blog link, but it would be so wonderful if when I click on your link it takes me right to your FSO post.

Not sure how to do a permalink? Simple - post your FSO post when you are done putting it together, then after you have clicked 'publish post' click on 'view post'. In the address bar (where you type you'll see an address that has your blog name then the name of your post. Please put that into Mr.Linky.

Much appreciation from me! :)

Without further ado - here are this theme's spotlight photos, in no particular order (not easy to pick, it never is!):

Gordon's fence in the storm:
From Friday My Town Shoot Out

Rebecca's wrought iron fence detail:

Ginger's fence rail:

Cindy's crooked post fence:

Kerry's fence hinge:

Queenmothermawmaw's beautiful sepia toned fence:

T.'s fence in the grass:

Beautiful photos all - and I am so glad to be back, it is so inspiring to see such excellent photography. It makes me want to brave the Texas cold and get out there and go take photos! Oh yes, it has been FREEZING in Texas. I am sure that I will be moaning about the heat soon! LOL!

Have a beautiful week everyone! See you next Friday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Member Voice - about 'Fences'

January 8, 2010 'Fences' by Sandra Leigh
"All over my town there are fences - tall ones and short ones, old and new, elegant and shabby. They all have something to say - like "Keep out," "Be careful!" (like this one) or "Stay right where you are," "I'm utterly exhausted" or "Look at me. Aren't I splendid?" Some have gates; others simply define a space or support a heavy vine. What kinds of fences are there in your town? Do they really make good neighbours? Or do they just isolate us? " Sandra Leigh
I think this is going to be one our fun topics and look forward to returning our focus to Our Towns for the Friday shoot-out. See you on Friday. GingerV

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spotlight photos 'Under Construction'

We have Gordon to thank for this week's, the first week of 2010 topic 'under construction'. This topic had so many possible interpretations: self construction, mega constructions, public projects, private projects, individual projects, and I think within the Friday Shoot-out posts we managed to cover these and many more.
J9's close up of a machine to man's construction easier.
Doreen's new home under construction - I hope it is super insulated; I saw all that snow.
Sarah in the cottage garden, self and daughter under construction. (aren't they beautiful?)

Shabby Girl watching the building go up.
Jama in Singapore sees this MEGA construction of a casino and hotel complex... Mega bucks also.

Gordon's new Lion Bridge - a mess now but a better way to go to town later.

Mark of B&B - Working hands - creating, constructing

Congradulation to all who participated this week - was a great shoot-out. GingerV